Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Add Softness and Shine to Your Hair with a Keratin Smoothing Treatment at Our Salon

A keratin smoothing treatment coats the hair cuticle with protein to banish frizz. The treatment takes between one and three hours depending on your hair length, thickness, and type. Take the time to treat yourself: this process is worth your while.

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What You Should Know About Our Keratin Treatment Salon

Keratin is the elementary unit of hair. We use top-quality treatments and products to make your hair stronger, healthier, and smoother.

Keratin eases down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. The layers of cells–called the hair cuticle–absorb the keratin.

Keratin protects your hair, enabling it to combat environmental pollutants and preventing it from becoming lacklustre because of dry or harsh weather, wind, smog, or other toxins.

It also ensures that the bonds between the follicles and the roots of the hair remain open. Keratin bonds the root and hair with protein, securely connecting them to prevent limpness and hair loss.
Your hair remains stronger and healthier for longer, and it may grow faster, become easier to manage, and look glossier and fuller after a keratin treatment.

Problems a Professional Keratin Hair Treatment Addresses

Also known as a “Brazilian blowout” or “smoothing treatment”, a keratin treatment gives you satiny, sleeker hair in one appointment. Discover what these terms mean:

The Brazilian blowout is a traditional keratin treatment that changes your hair texture and straightens out your unruly curls. Smoothing treatments do not affect the hair texture—rather, they de-frizz your hair and add shine.

  • You may choose a smoothing treatment if you are happy with your curls and waves but want to loosen the texture a little and get rid of the frizz. Ask for a Brazilian blowout if you want your hair to look straight.
  • A traditional keratin treatment that straightens the hair contains a formaldehyde-releasing solution that stays on for approximately 20 minutes before a professional blow-dries and flat-irons your hair. You can expect this procedure to uncurl your hair and eliminate frizz for about three months. Skip anything that may dent your hair (such as clips and elastic bands) and keep your hair dry for at least three days after the treatment.
  • A smoothing treatment does not contain formaldehyde. Instead of sitting on the outside of the hair cuticle to smooth it, as treatment will during a permanent hair straightening, this option penetrates the hair cortex. The formula is not as potent as the one in a Brazilian blowout. It typically lasts between four and six months.

Results will vary depending on several factors, including how porous your hair is, the strength of the chemicals in the treatment, the application method, and the flat-iron’s temperature.

Things You Can Learn from The Blonde Boutique

Talk to our professional stylists about what you want from your next treatment. Allow our team to advise you regarding whether a specific treatment will better suit your hair type and which hair care products may be the best fit for you.

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