WELCOME TO The Blonde Boutique

This little hidden gem in the heart of Melton is quite the relaxers dream!

Our boutique has been designed to take care of your every hair and beauty need. The home feeling is right at your finger tips with this unique space! A converted 3 bedroom house into a sophisticated vintage rustic themed boutique salon comprising of 8 hair stations a basing room all to itself, two beauty rooms, spray tan room and a makeup area. You’ll feel right at home but feel the advantages of a commercial Business.



Tuesday – 9:30am to 9pm

Wednesday – 9:30am to 3pm

Thursday – 9:30am to 9pm

Friday – 9:30am to 3pm

Saturday – 8:30am to 2pm

Except Sundays, Mondays & Holidays






Spray Tanning



Not just an average hair experience.

Change the way you think about your hair experience, Here at The Blonde Boutique we create long lasting friendships with our clients. We educate you on all your hair needs and are always there for any hair tips or questions. Our stylists pride themselves in their knowledge, skills and experience and offer one on one free no obligation consultations. Please contact us for any inquiries on 0448887727.


Salon Pay Memberships

The Blonde Boutique offers a number of hair service packages which are very popular with many of our clients. Finding a package that's suited to you then setting up a Salon Pay Membership with us in store now gives you the option to pay for your services in advance. This will also give you access to 10% of products. See here for fulll terms and conditions.


Book Your Appointment with an Exclusive Hairdresser in Melton

The Blonde Boutique will surpass everything that you may expect from a premier hairdresser in Melton. From the moment you step through the door, you'll be pampered and preened in our peaceful haven, away from the hustle and busyness of your everyday life.


Problems a Blonde Hair Specialist Addresses

Our focus is on styling and creating blonde hair, although these specialities do not mean that we rule out clients who prefers their darker locks. Hairdressing has been our passion for many years, and we understand the finer details required to achieve the perfect blonde style or shade.

  • If you have blonde hair, you may have experienced some of the following issues yourself. We've seen it all, so you know that you'll be in safe and capable hands when you chose our hairdresser in Melton VIC.
  • We know that any colour or chemical treatments that you received before coming to us could affect what you hope to achieve. We have in-depth knowledge of how hairdressing chemicals work with, and react against, each other, and we will always advise you accordingly. This process could mean that you return to us for more than one session to achieve the look that you want. We will serve your needs with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that you are happy with the results.
  • Other problems that you may have experienced as a blonde include your hair becoming brittle and breaking easily or the colour going brassy after several washes. We will help you to avoid these problems by recommending shampoos, conditioners, and treatment solutions.
  • Any reputable hair dresser in Melton should be honest with you if they feel that your expectations are not realistic. For example, if you come to us and ask for a platinum blonde pixie cut, and your hair is currently pitch-black and curly, we may suggest alternatives that are more suitable and obtainable.
  • Our team emphasises that good hair care is essential. If you don't look after your hair, you are more likely to experience these issues. With proper hair care in your routine, we will be more capable of helping you to achieve the results that you want.

What Sets the Blonde Boutique Apart as a Hair Salon in Melton

When you step into our salon, the first thing that you'll ask yourself is why it has taken you so long to discover this hidden gem.

  • We have created a beautiful and intimate space in what used to be a three-bedroom house.
  • You'll be treated as royalty from the moment you arrive. We understand that a respite from your busy life is something to treasure, and as a result, we extend our personalised services to you in an exclusive environment.
  • We have worked tirelessly to develop and expand our experience in perfecting treatments and colouring for blonde hair.

About the People at The Blonde Boutique

Jessica is our original stylist. Creating this special space as a hair dresser in Melton VIC has been her dream for many years, which has now come to fruition. She started working from home and then realised that she needed a bigger space to continue following her passion for styling, creating, and refreshing blonde tresses. Our current location provides the best of both worlds - an exclusive salon with all the comfort of a private home.

Currently we are a team of four made up of two qualified stylists being jess and Cherie and two apprentices Emily and charlotte.
Our Stylist Cherie has over 20 years' experience and is just as passionate about creating the perfect cut and colour to suit you, whether it's a dramatic blonde that you're after or just a few subtle highlights.

Please do feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like to make an appointment or have any questions. We can't wait to treat you.