We have a wide variety of options:


  • Specialising in all aspects of hair dressing
  • We offer colour correction for those who are in need of a fix up and also do makeovers for those with a desire to have the new trends and latest looks of 2018.
  • We also specialise in blondes for those of you who love being blonde but can never seem to get the right shade or keep their hair healthy enough to stay blonde.
  • From vibrant vivid colours to beautiful pastel shades, we have you covered  with our Pravana Viviers collections.
  • We are the proud users of Brazilian bond builder, also known as B3. This is put directly in to your colour to help prevent damage to the hair’s inner cortex and best of all, there is no after care! This is an in salon option.


At The Blonde Boutique, we also have our beautician, Beautified by Chan. Channing specialises in eyebrow tattooing, eyelash extensions, teeth whitening, all forms of waxing, henna eyebrow scalping and much more. You can contact Channing directly through her website, or contact her on 0424181871.